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Lilya Client

Lilya comes with an optional internal client that offers some niceties for when you are in development mode or even when you want to run some custom scripts live with the use of directives.

Directives are special pieces of code and logic that can be executed in any environment and in isolation. See it as come sort of command center.

Since Lilya client is optional, that also means to use it you will need to install the requirements.

$ pip install lilya[cli]

Lilya uses the click library for its own purposes.

How does it work

Well, like any normal Python client, to access the best way of seeing what options are available to you is by running:

$ lilya --help

This display the internal directives that every Lilya project has access to.

When running, it should display a message similar to this following:

Usage: lilya [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Lilya command line tool allowing to run Lilya native directives or project
  unique and specific directives by passing the `-n` parameter.

  How to run Lilya native: `lilya createproject <NAME>`. Or any other Lilya
  native command.

      Example: `lilya createproject myapp`

  How to run custom directives: `lilya --app <APP-LOCATION> run -n <DIRECTIVE
  NAME> <ARGS>`.

      Example: `lilya --app myapp:app run -n createsuperuser`

  --app TEXT  Module path to the application to generate the migrations. In a
              module:path format.
  --n TEXT    The directive name to run.
  --help      Show this message and exit.

  createapp         Creates the scaffold of an application
  createdeployment  Generates the scaffold for the deployment of a Lilya...
  createproject     Creates the scaffold of a project.
  directives        Lists the available directives
  run               Runs every single custom directive in the system.
  runserver         Starts the Lilya development server.
  shell             Starts an interactive ipython shell with all the...
  show_urls         Shows the information regarding the urls of a given...

The commands are the simple commands you can use with the client. To access the options of each command you only need to do:


Usage: lilya createproject [OPTIONS] NAME

  Creates the scaffold of a project.

  How to run: `lilya createproject <NAME>`

  Example: `lilya createproject myproject`

  -v, --verbosity INTEGER        Displays the files generated.
  --with-structure               Creates a project with a given structure of
                                 folders and files.
  --deployment-folder-name TEXT  The name of the folder for the deployment
                                 files.  [default: deployment]
  --with-deployment              Creates a project with base deployment files.
  --help                         Show this message and exit.

Check how you can leverage the directives of Lilya to power your application.